‘PBB Double Up’ housemates make their acting debut in ‘Your Song presents Isla’
by Napoleon Quintos | March 21, 2010 1:00 AM | 
Gerald Anderson takes viewers on a thrill ride of friendship, love, and revenge as he top-bills Your Song presents Isla. The former Pinoy Big Brother teen housemate, who has now evolved into one of the sexiest and most talented young actors of today, takes a break from his love team with Kim Chiu to portray an offbeat role in this weekly mini-series. He is joined by Pinoy Big Brother Double Up ex-housemates Paul Jake Castillo, Sam Pinto, Tom Rodriguez, Johan Santos, Cathy Remperas, Hermes Bautista, Riza Patria, and Rica Paras. Gerald said that he is happy that he can guide his fellow PBB alumni in their first acting job.

The story of Your Song presents Isla revolves around a group of friends who each have their own problems. Following their engagement, sweethearts Paul Jake and Sam treat their friends to a vacation at a remote island resort where they are welcomed by a handsome boatman named Daniel (Gerald). As they enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the island, these eight friends come to terms with unresolved issues.

Ex-convict Tom suddenly appears on the island with plans of reclaiming his ex-girlfriend Sam at all costs, even if it means forsaking his former best bud Paul Jake. Meanwhile, Cathy still can’t forgive her ex-boyfriend Hermes for his womanizing ways. She finds herself drawn to another old flame, Johan. Hermes vows to make Rica pay for being a “bad influence” on Cathy. On the other hand, assistant Patria is about to lose patience with her boss Rica.

Meanwhile, Daniel has his own agenda, determined to find out who among the eight is responsible for the brutal rape-slay of his beloved a few years back. When Sam is abducted one night, a struggle for survival ensues and deep, dark secrets are revealed one after another. Who will live to escape this eerie island?

Be sure to catch Your Song Presents Isla beginning Sunday, March 21, after ASAP XV.

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