Ooh-lala, grown men in diapers!
by Krishna Belle Meniado | January 06, 2010 11:55 PM | 
Everybody knows that nothing in this world is a free lunch. So thank goodness that despite Big Utol's mischievous ways, this was one important reminder he really made clear to Paul Jake and Jason. And he did it by punishing both of them for having committed the big mistake of peeing on the walls of Big Brother's house!

Paul Jake and Jason were both called into the confession room where Big Utol spoke to them about their behavior during the New Year's Eve party held days ago. While they had the chance to explain what they did, Big Utol remained undaunted with their apologies. So in turn, he punished them by making them wear diapers for two days! Alert, hot men in diapers? Not exactly! Because to add insult to injury, they had to drink up one gallon of water each! For that way, their diapers would be really put into use, yes?

Since the two grown babies did not know how to use diapers, Tibo helped them out with it. However, he must have had overlooked Jason's underwear, which the latter wore beneath the diapers despite Big Brother's specific instructions on wearing it alone. Later on, Paul Jake noticed Jason with his briefs on, thus earning them another trip to Big Utol's dark confession room. Tsk, tsk, so much for their hotness.

Meanwhile, Jason had another trouble with Melai. It was because Melai kept teasing Jason about his wearing diapers. But it seemed like Jason was not enjoying the joke because he hit Melai with the ball he was playing with! Poor Melai dropped down to the table by the pool and sobbed into her elbows. Mariel, who was just nearby, quickly came in between them and tried to resolve the problem. Bu unfortunately, Melai was really hurt with what Jason did and stomped into the house after shouting angrily at him.

Jason and Melai's "playful fights" were perhaps one of the reasons why Big Utol had to act all bossy and tough on the housemates. This was what he said so to Tibo, whom he called into the confession room. Big Utol first asked Tibo on his opinion about him as their temporary Big Brother, to which the latter answered with, "Tama lang ang pag-iistrikto niyo para may matutunan sila sa iyo (It's only right you're being strict so that they (the housemates) could learn something from you)." After that, Big Utol confessed to Tibo that he was being that way because he wanted to teach the housemates a lesson. He told Tibo that the housemates should learn to wise up and be more obedient. "Simula pa nung una, ngayon lang - ngayon lang talaga - nagkasakit yung kapatid ko... sa tingin mo, ano kayang ibig sabihin nun? (My brother (Big Brother) has never been sick ever since... so what do you think does that say about you and your housemates?)," he said. Afterwards, Tibo held a meeting in the living room where he shared Big Utol's sentiments towards them.

But will the housemates be enlightened? Will they tone down or keep up with their naughtiness? Look after them by watching PBB Double Up every night!

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