PBB’s Yuri Okawa is sad about not getting any showbiz projects
While Yuri Okawa is happy about her fellow former PBB housemates’ showbiz break, she feels a bit left out.

Ex-PBB housemate Rica Paras wants to do kontrabida roles
Pinoy Big Brother Double Up’s Rica Paras is having fun with her mean character in ‘Your Song presents Isla.’

‘PBB Double Up’ housemates make their acting debut in ‘Your Song presents Isla’
Gerald Anderson and the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up ex-housemates star in a tale of friendship, love, and revenge.

Sam Pinto says she and Jake Cuenca will remain as ‘just friends’
Sam Pinto opens up about working with Jake Cuenca and why a romantic reunion is impossible.

Melai Cantiveros on Jason Francisco: 'Magaling siya mag-acting'
Melai Cantiveros said that Jason Francisco can become an action star.

Jason Francisco speaks up about Melason-Kimerald rivalry
Jason Francisco insists that he and girlfriend Melai Cantiveros are no threat to Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson.

Melisa Cantiveros can’t believe that she is part of Kokey at Ako
The Pinoy Big Brother winner still can’t get over the fact that she is being given one project after another.

Jason Francisco talks about being friends with Sam Milby and Vhong Navarro
As a showbiz newbie, PBB’s Jason Francisco is lucky to have Sam Milby and Vhong Navarro as his TV co-stars.
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